Friday, 18 April 2014

freebie friday!

freebie friday

hey there and a happy friday to you! i hope you are well, wherever you may be. it's freebie friday time again!

this week i have a little diy project printable for you. with this downloadable printable you can (using my handy tutorial post) make yourself a tearable memo pad!

this printable features my colourful gorgeous girls. simply click on the pic above to view, save and print the pdf version. then you can print it off multiple times, guilotine it up and glue it together with mod podge. simples!

have a fantastic friday and a wonderful weekend people!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

getting krafty!

you're the one
you're the one greetings card available here.

hey there lovelies and a happy thursday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you my latest card making obsession - kraft card! i printed off a few cards onto it recently just to see how they would turn out and i loved them!

i designed a whole new set of cards lately, and i really want to share them with you - i think they're so cute!

bunny mad
bunny mad greetings card available here. i was thinking of my own little sis when i created this one!

sisters warm the heart
sisters warm the heart greetings card available here

cat lady
cat lady greetings card available here. this is in fact me!

you're the one
you're the one greetings card available here.

you can check out all of my greetings card designs here, all of which are available in the lovely kraft card option (my newest obsession).

and don't forget that for every sale from etsy store i will donate 10% to the rspca, an awesome animal charity.

have a fantastic day lovelies!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

makeover a wardrobe (and create matching bedroom furniture!)

makeover a wardrobe

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you another gorgeous diy project i completed recently (yay!) using my mod podge technique from my desk makeover. you can see above all of the things you will need for this diy project, just in case you'd like to have a go yourselves! you will need: colourful papers cut into rectangles/squares, scissors, mod podge, foam brush, new door handles and scredriver)

as you can see, the wardrobes we have here at home were a little bit dull, a little bit old and not very inspirational.

we thrifted these for just £25 each, so they were a total bargain. however, i knew they would need a little bit of a makeover if they were going to become permanent residents in our home. 1. first of all, i wiped down the surface with a baby wipe and some kitchen roll to clean off any dirt or dust. i also unscrewed and removed the old handles.

2. i laid out all of my pretty papers for easy access (nb. your hands will become covered in mod podge during this process - the easier it is for you to grab things the less chance there is of you getting mod podge where it shouldn't be!)

3. add a thin, even layer of mod podge to the surface of the door with your foam brush and begin applying your papers.

4. smooth out wrinkles as you go with your fingers and add in a top layer of mod podge to seal your papers.

5. repeat for quite some time (don't be too perfectionist about the wrinkles - they'll look better once it dries i promise!)

6. leave to dry

7. continue and cover both doors. then add your new handles. i used the original hole and use the screw to push through from the inside to the outside. i had my hand in place to avoid tearing the papers. if you do tear them don't worry - you can always patch it up with some more paper!


we had two wardrobes and i think (and my husband does too) that they look fantastic now. so much brighter and cheerier than before.

i also decided to extend this to the other bedroom furniture we have. i gave the drawers of this chest of drawers a makeover too (and now they match!) these drawers were also thrifted for only £15.

and finally, the other thrifted chest of drawers got it's own little makeover. now all of our bedroom furniture matches!

i did all of these pieces of furniture within one day. i didn't have to empty out the drawers/wardrobes, i didn't have to put down plastic sheeting. it was simple, quick and easy.

much better than the trauma of painting furniture i think!

what will you mod podge today? i'd love to know if you plan to try this!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

setting your intentions

living intentionally

hey there lovely people and a very happy tuesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you more on how i set my intentions each month and why i think it's so important to do so.

if you're a regular reader of this blog you will know that i have been taking part in some gorgeous monthly candle rituals and using this as a spring board to really dig deep into my own thoughts, fears and inner blocks that may be getting in my way.

each month i change my little altar space to reflect what i want to project into the world, or what i want to explore. above you can see my altar for april and it's full of white - the colour of protection and most useful for uncrossing and releasing thing in your life that no longer serve you.

on a scroll i have my intentions and those things i want to release and let go of.

living intentionally

i've also been making good use of my monthly planner sheets from leonie dawson. they're so colourful and full of wisdom. they really help to focus my attention on my intentions and are a really useful tool for breaking down my ambitions into actionable steps.

living intentionally

living intentionally

i tick off the things i've achieved and display each month's timetable on my wall of intention above my desk. this keeps me accountable and keeps me on the straight and narrow. i really enjoy seeing my progress as i go through each month.

living intentionally

living intentionally

it also helps to keep me from becoming discouraged. i think we have all been in a position when our sales weren't what we envisaged. we all have a tendency then to blame ourselves for that. to judge our own effectiveness and success on whether other people have decided to buy from us. when really we should be taking time to praise and congratulate ourselves on what we have ourselves done.

living intentionally

i love the rows of ticks - i think ticking off tasks on a list can be very therapeutic! i do have a tendency to become a list-a-holic though. these little planners seem to keep me in check!

living intentionally

living intentionally

living intentionally

how do you set your own intentions as you move from month to month? do you have lists/planners? do you have any little rituals that you always follow?

i'd love to know.

have a fantastic day people!

Monday, 14 April 2014

insta-art: your heart knows the way

insta art

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever in the world you may be. today i am preparing for my trip to ireland and cuddling the kitties before we jet off (sniff!)

in between all of the packing madness i wanted to share with you another of the canvasses i created during the kelly rae roberts painting e-course. i hope you love it!

the blank canvas and my supplies
the blank canvas and my supplies - i did find that i needed to have everything out and available before i started because my hands would get so messy so quickly! i would ruin other things easily if i had to root around. i would definitely recommend an apron for this style of creating.

the first layers
the first layers - some paint, inks and some water resist effects on this canvas. 

time to collage
time to collage! you can see some of my paper stash here ready to be used.

first collaged layers
first collaged layers - i ripped and gel mediumed them in place, without too much of a plan, just seeing which way the wind would take me.

starting to play with horizon lines
starting to play with horizon lines here - still not definite on the overall design. just playing around.

collage overload
collage overload - i may have overdone it here ...

the collaging aftermath
the collaging aftermath!

playing with inks and stamps
playing with inks and stamps a little. dripping some inks across the canvas, checking out the effects.

even more collage!
even more collage! adding some inked butterflies here.

missing - at this stage i realised i missed the green colours from the earlier layer and tried to reintroduce it to the canvas. i should have known not to look back - only forwards.

radical colour changes
radical colour changes - i have painted and inked and changed the overall feel of the canvas completely. i like it again now! just trying out some ribbon horizon lines here.

ribbon and washi
the ribbon and washi tape horizon is here to stay!

adding a butterfly
adding a butterfly - collaged and inked with even more washi tape :)

time to mantra
time to mantra! i used a large stencil for the word heart so that it would stand out from a distance.

completing the mantra
completing the mantra - i used to other stamp sets for the smaller words. i wanted the canvas to reveal more and more meaning as the viewer got closer to it.

finishing touches
finishing touches

finishing touches

the completed canvas
the completed canvas! you can purchase the original here and a print of the canvas here. I also created a pendant necklace using this canvas design. you can check that out here.

this little canvas went through quite a journey of transformation from start to finish. i played and experimented and just kept on keeping on until i felt that the canvas was complete.

i hope you enjoyed this peek into my process today :)

have a fantastic day lovelies!