Wednesday, 4 June 2014

insta-art: release your inner mermaid

i'm here today to share with you some more behind the scenes, step by step goodness from one of my recent canvasses.

it was part of a set of canvasses that i just had so much fun with! i splashed around paint, used my fingers and just did whatever i wanted! my inner critic must have been on holiday :) (i hope she stays there)

i started the process as always with a blank canvas and some collage-able art.

for this particular painting i didn't like any of the collage girls i had ready prepared - i wanted a mermaid! so i tore out some vintage manuscript and set to work!

i sketched her out using the palest yellow watercolour pencil you see here. i have a thing about having visible sketching lines (i don't like it) so if i can i just get straight to sketching with the materials i will colour with.

i added some water to activate the colours and allowed it to dry blasted it impatiently with my heat gun.

so far so good! i felt it needed some more vibrant colour though, so i set to work with my pitt artist pens, blending with my fingers.

i outlined my mermaid with sketchy black pen lines (those don't annoy me like pencil lines do for some reason) and added some detail with my white gel pen.

i also added some of my liquid pearls to her mermaidy tail. i love my liquid pearls.

now onto the canvas! as always, i am working fast on more than one background. it helps to keep me from getting precious or stuck.

i planned out my colours roughly for the first layer. for me, i still feel the need to cover that whiteness straight away. i am always much happier once the first layer of paint is down.

all brayered and squidged and smudged all over.

i added some water resist splodges here.

i then went with a layer of bluey gray to represent the sea foam a little.

once the paint was dry, i cut out and started playing dress up with my mermaid!

i gel mediummed her into place and started looking around and wondering ...

i decided though that i loved the paint patterns too much to cover them and that i wanted to keep her as the only collaged object along with her little hearts :)

it's time for the spray inks. i wanted a wavy feel to the bottom and the edges, and used my tinsel coloured spray for this.

i did have to leave the ink to dry - that part can't easily be hurried!

now i'm ready to to stamp!

i used some of my new stamp set from wholeport - love them!

the mantra came first - i think we could all do to embrace this lovely :)

now to add some detail to the edges.

i love the stamping process so much. to finish off i worked with the white gel pen a little and tweaked and twiddled and then ...

ta-da! the finished article! she is for sale in a shop in sheffield this month.

i hope you enjoyed this little dose of inspiration, behind the scenes tips and artistic food for thought.

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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Krista R said...

I love this! Such a beautiful piece!! That stamper set is awesome!

Memories for Life said...

What fun to see your process start to finish! She turned out great :)

Duni said...

Stunning piece! It was interesting to see how you created it. I especially love the additional stamping on the canvas! Plus the cat mug holding your coloured pencils is adorable :)

Ayla B said...

That looks really cool!! Good job. I really like the end result. Also, I love mermaids too.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

It's always so interesting to see how your pieces come together. This one looks great!

Melanie Ledford said...

I love the finished product! So interesting to me to see all the steps involved.

Natashalh said...

I love her tail! When I was a kid, I really wanted red hair to be like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I was probably the only blond kid who wanted red hair!

pasqueflower said...

I love getting a behind the scenes view of your process.