Wednesday, 4 June 2014

the best business cards for creatives

hey there lovelies! i wanted to share with you some of my recent adventures in business card design and planning.

i have been printing and making my own cards recently as i have a wide variety of different cards i need (as you can see from the collage above!)

however, once i have decided on definite cards i need and which types of card are most useful, i will definitely be looking at professional printing services.

here is my round up and review of three of the best online services available and their pros/cons and current prices:

first up - vistaprint:
screen prints of my business card designs, made using vistaprint.

for 100 of these cards above the cost was £9.57 plus postage.

prices from free to £22.48
designs many pre- designed templates available, all grouped into categories from premium to free for people just starting out! there are also designed specific to different occupations which is handy.
can you design your own? you can upload your own completed design directly and create your cards entirely yourself.
postage from £3.99 for 10 day delivery.
ease of use i found this site easy to use and navigate. it was easy to add in my own pictures and customise the templates completely to my liking.

next in line - moo:

screen prints of my card designs

for 100 of these the cost was £27.98 plus delivery.

prices from £13.19 to £28.79 (for packs of 50)
designs lots of pre-designed ideas to choose from with lots of colour options.
can you design your own? yes you can completely design your own card from scratch.
postage from £3.90 to £12 depending on how quickly you'd like your cards.
ease of use easy to find your way around and lots of design options and very different designs from famous names (like the one I tried out above).

and finally - instantprint:

print screens of the cards i designed

for 100 of these the cost was £9 plus delivery

prices from £6 for 100 copies.
designs lots of templates to choose from, customised to styles and industries. there are some free templates available also.
can you design your own? yes you can design from scratch and include your own work.
postage £4.99 for next day delivery.
ease of use i found the site easy to navigate, but it was a little glitchy for me with images. there also weren't a lot of different fonts available for the template i chose.

i am still not 100% certain about where i will print my cards when i do take the plunge, but the design i created for the first one is definitely my current favourite.

i did love the gapingvoid designs available on the moo website and i think they would be awesome for anyone who didn't have their own images ready to use. also for anyone who has a wonderful sense of humour ;)

do you have a favourite supplier/design from the ones above? let me know in the comments :)

have a wonderful day lovelies!


The Art Bug said...

Nice info! thanks for sharing:)

The Art Bug said...

...and I got mine from Vista Print! I was able to grab a nice deal!

Melanie Ledford said...

I've been using Vista Print for several years now and have always been happy with them.

pasqueflower said...

My favorite is the one with the butterflies, but I've been VERY happy with They are a little bit pricey, but very high quality. The little ones double as wonderful hang tags.