Tuesday, 3 June 2014

the secrets of etsy success

hey there people! i am so excited today to continue my secrets of etsy success series on aclc. i am so happy to be able to bring you oodles of inspiration via some inspirational etsy sellers each and every month - yay!

in this monthly series i will be interviewing some fabulous etsy store owners and picking their brains about how they made a success of their small business. the aim with this series is twofold: 1. to bring some of their lovely items to your attention and 2. to inspire you in your own etsy success story.

i have been inspired by reading some of the pearls of wisdom in these posts and i very much hope you will be too. so, have you got yourself a notebook and pencil? then let the learning commence! today I would like to introduce to the lovely laura from artisterra boutique.

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Tell us a little something about your stores and what you sell.

I can say that in a way my shop is also my polymer clay jewelry portofolio. I find polymer clay to be an exquisite medium for jewelry, miniatures, sculptures and more; there are amazing artists out there creating wonders out of polymer clay. I guess that my intention is to create jewelry that will show the many aspects of polymer clay beauty, richness and versatility. Contrary to what most people think about it, polymer clay jewelry doesn't have to be cheap or simplistic, and I would love if people will realize that by visiting my store.

What made you decide to start your store?

The amount of jewelry that kept growing in my drawers lol.  Well, there are few reasons. Again, probably the idea that people should see what wonders can be done in polymer clay. Then the friends who kept telling me that I should sell my creations. A bit of artistic vanity, of course, and also the intention to make a living from doing what I love most. So why not, isn't this the dream of every artist?

Where do you get your inspiration from for your products?

From nature mostly. I'm a tree-hugger at heart, even if I don't always show it. Beside that, I live in such an amazing place, at the Red Sea shore, in a red desert, that it's impossible to not love the nature around me. Also I get inspiration from fantasy stories, like my gnomes, and generally from beautiful, kind and happy things.

What is your definition of success? Did/do you have a set number of sales/items listed that you aimed/are aiming for?

Success for me is making someone happy through my work. I sell sometimes at my local fairs, and nothing makes me more happier than to watch people smile seeing my gnomes or when someone picks up something only because " I love it so much, I must have it!"

As for sales, I don't have a specific number; of course, the more the merrier, but I think I'm more interested in becoming better, improving, finding that thin edge between art and fashion and originality.

If you have achieved your definition of success, how long did it take you to get there?

I can say I have always learned something, every day, since I remember myself, and I'm still learning. But if you ask about working with polymer clay, then it is a little more than two years since I first touched this medium, and I am very happy with what I achieved since then.

What would be your top tips for:

Encouraging sales
Keeping your customers loyal
Anything else you have found invaluable

My advice for everything you listed above, and many more things in life is to persevere, to be true to yourself and to not give up. Someone very wise told me once that you can solve any problem with the salami approach. You cannot swallow a full salami, but if you slice it piece by piece, it's gone in no time. Every big problem is made up of many small pieces; solve them one piece at the time, and your problem is gone. Learn if you don't know, ask for help, take a break and come back to it later, solve another little slice until there is no more salami.

Pick an item to feature from your store – it could be your favourite, your newest or a best seller. What do you think is so special about that item? Sell it to us!

I love every single item in my store, but if I have to I will pick the Initial Charm Necklace. As I specify in its description it was originally meant for me only; I wanted to wear something with my life partner initial, J, a sign of my love for him. So I tried to let only the feeling leading me when I created it; I picked up a favorite color, I adorned the little charm with inlay beads and I added a small flower and leaf exactly as I would offer it to the loved one. Of course, when I saw how beautiful it came up I decided to make a whole series of these charms. Funny enough, the letter J is the first one sold, so maybe the love embedded in it radiated towards someone else in spite of the distance and obstacles on the way. I think that my Initial Charm Necklace is a special and warm piece of jewelry with a lot to tell about love and affection, whoever will wear it will feel that.

fantastic insights there laura! i learned so much, and i love the salami anaolgy :) don't forget to check out laura's gorgeous shop too.

have a fantastic day people!

ps. are you more of a beginner to etsy? stay tuned because nest week i will be starting my video tutorial series "etsy for absolute beginners". if you have any topics you'd like me to cover in this series then just let me know in the comments.



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